Hey, I'm Iniubong 👋🏿

web developer & technical writer

Motivated Engineer with robust problem-solving skills and a proven 4 years of experience developing, managing, and scaling web applications in a test-driven environment.
Avid learner of new technologies with core interests in SaaS software, JAMSTACK and Blockchain technologies.



Papershift is an all-in-one SaaS which offers staff rota, timesheet, absence & payroll. We help businesses run effectively

skills: VueJS, Typescript, TailwindCSS
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Papershift dashboard

pith africa

Pith Africa is a budding fashion house in the heart of Africa that seeks to reflect the elements of a self-expressive youthful demographic growing out of Africa.

skills: NuxtJS, Strapi CMS, Typescript
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pith africa website snapshot


ibloov is a global lifestyle platform which seeks to connect people together and promote happiness

skills: NuxtJS, TailwindCSS, Vuetify
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screenshot of the ibloov website


Lavender enables users harness the power and functionality of the blockchain without all of the overhead.

skills: ReactJS, NodeJS, Typescript
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screenshot of the lavender website